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Helping with hospital stays


I want to do some fundraising to donate whatever I can to patients at the uclh where my sister was treated who are stuck in hospital feeling low, lonely and bored.

I know my sister sometimes felt slightly better with a TV available, and I wanted advice from the people who have been through it, as to any home comforts you can think of. No matter the price, depending on how much I can raise, I just want to do anything can to help even a bit.

My love to everyone going through this right now, you are all amazing and I am in awe always.

Eagerly await your suggestions!

Jen ****


  • Morning Jen

    What a lovely idea. I spent many hours whilst i was being treated watching DVDs, so any form of media i.e. Netflix, Amazon might be a help to pass time. I struggled to read, however the books i did manage to read where generally pretty light easy reads, board games to play particularly the electronic ones which play with you.

    I often think a little manicure or similar treat would have gone done a treat, i felt pretty rubbish so a little pick me up would have been something to look forward to and who doesn't like nice nails.

    I hope that helps.

    Good luck.

  • Hello Jen. How kind of you to think of those people languishing in hospital beds. I’m not sure how it was funded but when I was in hospital in Leeds I really looked forward to the weekly Reflexology session offered every Tuesday afternoon. It was a real bright interlude during sometimes challenging times. Unlike Rachel I couldn’t concentrate on TV programmes very much, but I really enjoyed listening to talking books and music - with my eyes shut!

    I hope other people come forward with ideas for you. It’s a lovely idea.
    Best wishes
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