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Good news

Hi guys I just received the result from latest 10 month PET scan after my donor transplant and I'm 100% in remission ?. Hope you are all keeping well.



  • Hi Laulau

    That's great to hear!!!!

    Hope you are well


  • Hi Laulau,

    Sorry, I missed this update somehow. That's brilliant news and must be such a relief.

    How are you feeling generally, everything OK?


  • Such brilliant news Laura! Congratulations from us at Anthony Nolan

  • Hello Laura.
    This is fantastic. You have come so far.

  • Thank you everyone.

    I’m doing okay thanks I’ve been trying to push myself a bit more. I had couple of meltdowns on holiday one was at a gardens where people weren’t following the one way system but generally I was okay and did a lot of walking. I went for m first meal with Hubble outside in restaurant today in tepee tent. Was nice all staff wore masks and as weather weren’t too good it was quiet. I hope your getting on okay I’m trying to do normal things but stay safe.

    Hope your all getting on okay x

  • Hello Laura

    This sounds really positive. The steps you are taking are awesome. Trying to find your new normal in a changing world. Sorry to hear about your experience at the gardens. It is understandable that you had a moment.

    However it seems the meal at the restraunt went well. These small wins can lead to big gains. Its brilliant your setting your self challenges.

    We will all find certain factors of life difficult now and its is important to find our own way to cope or challenge ourselves as to not feel pressure to meet expectations.

    But being aware of our limits and setting small goals can really help. Sounds like you did a great job despite the obstacles you faced emotionally


  • Hi guys

    I hope your keeping well. Just wanted to leave a quick update. This week I'm 3 years on from my donor stell cell transplant. I've recently joined the gym and working on my swimming

    Laura x

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