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Posponed stem cell transplant back on

Hi after a rocky start my husbands allogenic stem is back on and he's being prepped in the next week can anyone who's been through this give me a clear understanding of what will happen and anyone who can share what kept them going I'm under no illusions its gonna be tough any advice is surely welcome he's 59 and very mentally strong he's already been in isolation for 5 months due to non return of counts very prone to infection we are praying this works . Regards Pauline


  • Hi Pauline,

    I'm glad that the transplant is going aheadand can understand the trepidation that he and you will now be feeling.

    In terms of what will happen, after the final conditioning therapy the transplant itself will feel like something of an anti-climax and will feel pysically similar to a regular blood transfusion, which he's no doubt had plenty of during his treatment. the conditioning therapy may make him feel ill for a few days but this is usually short lived. After that it's a waiting game for the new cells to graft and his counts to start climbing. That will probably take 2-3 weeks and then he will hopefully be allowed home with regular outpatients visits to monitor him closely in the early days.

    I won't go into any more detail than that as everyones experience of transplant varies. You will be told about lots of things that might happen, but similarly they might not. You have to be made aware of the possible effects of the transplant but remember that not everyone is affected by these.

    The best advce I can give you is to take each day as it comes and only deal with things if and when they arise don't dwell on the things that could happen. There will be days when he feels poorly and others when he feels quite well. The best way to get through it for me was to focus on the end goal which was to get through it and back to a normal life again. If he can find something in the future, maybe his 60th birthday and a big party, a family wedding, or something like that, it will give him something to focus on being well for.

    It's good that he's mentally strong and I'm sure that will help carry him through. Take things day by day and keep us updated here, asking questions as things arise which we can help with. Whatever does come up, somebody here will have experienced something similar and will be able to give you an insight.

    Very best wishes to your hubby for his transplant and for a smooth and quick recovery. We're all rooting for you both.


  • Thanks Steve for your reply unfortunately we've just had the news they have posponed for the second time with donor related issues once again we are just feeling so let down for this to happen twice I no these things happen but it doesn't make it any easier just feel his chances may be getting slimmer if he doesn't get this soon regards PUline

  • edited July 2022

    Hi @popcorn28 - Claire here from the Patient Services team.

    I'm sorry to hear of what you and your husband are going through at the moment. I just wanted to let you know that you can reach a member of the Helpline team directly on 0303 303 0303 (Mon-Fri, 9-5 - excluding Bank Hols) if you'd like to. We could arrange for you to speak with our Lead Nurse Rachel if this would be helpful.

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