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Does anyone have experience of a SCT for AML for someone over 70?

My partner is 70 and will be having SCT in next few weeks - does anyone have experience of recovery for this age group?


  • Hi JPW, welcome to the forum. I'm Steve, one of the online communicty champions. I had a transplant for ALL in 2013 at the age of 46.

    I've been around the forum for a few years now and thought I remembered a thread from somebody your partners age so I did a search and found the thread in the link below. This is an old thread and hasn't been updated for a long time but in this case the patient was 70 at the time of transplant, though it was for Hodgkins Lymphoma.


    The thread describes the early days after transplant leading up to the patient being allowed home after their counts started to increase. I can't find anything relating to long term recovery. Much of what is described iin the thread sounds like common effects of a STC, primarily sickness and diahorrhea for a few days after the transplant and fatigue. These are not unusual as a transplant is an incredibly harsh process to go through no matter what age the patient is.

    Your partners medical team must be confident that your partner will recover well for them to be put forward for a transplant. How are they feeling at the moment and have they tolerated the treatement OK so far?

    There may be others who can comment on their experiences of transplant in this age group and hopefully they will reply as well.

    We are here to support throughout as there will be ups and downs along the way, so please ask questions about anything that concerns you as your partner goes through the transplant. Whilst everyone is different and has a slightly different experience of transplant, many of the effects are common and we can reassure you that what your partner is going through is not unusual, or unique to them.

    Best wishes,


  • Thanks for your response Steve, I have read the thread you linked me to and found it quite encouraging. Having got through 4 rounds of intensive chemo without too many problems I am banking on him being very strong for his age.

  • Hi JPW.
    I was 62 when I had my transplant following a diagnosis of MDS. I’m now 70 and made a full recovery with very few side effects to speak of. I was out of hospital 16 days after my transplant. I’m in the gym every day and have travelled widely, covid restrictions apart, since.
    Not everyone is so lucky but I hope my experience gives you some reassurance.
    Please wish your partner all the very best from me.

  • Thank you Martin , your story is very encouraging.

  • I had my transplant on my 70th birthday all went well until put in isolation and apparently didn't cope well so moved me to a ward. The pain was terrible had nausea,after a few day's pain was managed. Lost my appetite and just ate sliced peaches and lots 3 stone. After two weeks I woke up and couldn't move my arm's, had a scan to make sure it wasn't a stroke which it wasn't. Have since seen at neurologist who says I have severe neuropathy and can't explain why this has happened. Other than that I'm in remission ,my levels are as they should be so health wise I'm good, just restricted what I can do which is not much. Saying that if they offered me a transplant again I would have it as it's saved my life .Bear in mind everybody is different and it's worth doing.

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