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  • Hi I had my second Pfizer a few weeks ago I only had a slight tenderness in my arm, the same as with the first one. Take care all Bernie
  • Hi I had the Pfizer vaccine a couple of weeks ago. My arm was a little bit tender that night (I learnt from having the flu jab to get it in the arm you don't sleep on), apart from that I've been fine. Hopefully one step closer to some sort of normality. Take care Bernie
  • Hi Lindsay Hearing your husband needs a top up can be daunting but I don't think it's unusual. I had mine 8 months post transplant as my chimerism had dropped to 55%. I only needed one top up, though I was told sometimes more are needed. I was warned about possible GVHD but I didn't have any issues at the time. I was also…
    in Top up Comment by Bernie January 2019
  • Hi Debs I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (so the opposite to you) around one year post transplant. In my case it's seems to be autoimmune rather than transplant related as my Mum had it and so do two of my sisters - though one of my sisters was my donor.
  • Hi Gem03 I felt the same about my transplant. I was really tired leading up to it but didn't feel as if I was ill. Hopefully feeling so well will stand you in good stead for your treatment and transplant. It definitely did for me. I would say getting in a routine of getting up, showered and dressed very morning if you can…
  • Hi Lindsay I had MDS. I had DA induction chemo in November 16 then FMC30 conditioning chemo 01.02.17 before my sibling transplant on 08.02.17. I've thankfully been really lucky throughout my treatment and am doing really well now xx Everything crossed for you and your husband. Bernie x
  • Hi Melissa I hope you are well. I totally understand your apprehension in returning to work. I went back to work in December, 10months after my transplant - it will be a year since my transplant on Thursday. I started back on a phased return building up to full time over 4 weeks. I found the thought of going back really…
  • I should add that needing a DLI isn't unusual x
  • Hi Philip I've been incredibly lucky throughout my treatment and recovery thankfully. I've avoided the side effects associated with chemo and stayed infection free (apart fron an early one related to my hickman line). I had a little blip as my chimerism dropped from 99% to 53% post transplant which wasn't brilliant. It…
  • Hi Philip I was diagnosed with hypoplastic mds September 2016 and had a stem cell transplant in February this year. You are doing the right thing with the lockdown. It's short term exile to give yourself the best chance. I too have found this site so helpful ans supportive. There's always someone who's felt how you're…
  • Hi Gail Everything's going really well thanks. I had MDS and am in remission. I'm tired and achy but nothing out of the ordinary. Hope everything is going to plan for you. Best Wishes Bernie
  • Hi Gail I was admtted to the Christie 1st Feb this year and had FMC 30 prior to my transplant 8th Feb. I don't know what the difference between FMC50 and 30 is but the drugs are the same. I had Fludarabine on days 1 - 5 , Melphalan on day 6 and Campath on day 7. The only one I had a slight reaction to was Campath at the…