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  • Hi LauLau1, thank you so much for your reply. It is completely understandable that you are still feeling isolated as you navigate what it means for daily life to be immunocompromised during the ongoing pandemic. It's still not an easy time whatsoever. It sounds like you are doing what you can to look after yourself and…
  • Hi Michelle, So good to hear from you and thanks for taking the time to reply. That's great that you have felt able to utilise what helps you most, especially as you navigate your own health and wellbeing as well as care for your family member. Glad to hear that your team are on hand regarding your immunity too, so that…
  • Hello Steve, Always fantastic to hear from you and thank you for this insightful, honest response. It is so valid to still feel nervous about the situation, and especially when you are often hearing about cases in the workplace, where often people can feel most vulnerable. It's good that you feel able to put in those…
  • Such brilliant news Laura! Congratulations from us at Anthony Nolan
  • Hi all, hope you are well. Thank you all for continuing to support each other on this fantastic online community. We are pleased to announce that the online community now has a brand new category: Partners, Friends and Carers. Thank you for raising your interest in this category. This is an area for partners, friends or…
  • Hello DodoGymru, thanks for your post on the Forum. I'm Clare and I work in Patient Services. If you email our Donor team: donor@anthonynolan.org with your details, such as your full name, date of birth, date of your transplant and your transplant centre, then they can look into this for you. Hope this helps. Best wishes,…
  • Hello Steve and MotherAA, Hope you are both doing well. Thank you both so much for sharing your experiences. You have both shared some really interesting and insightful points for consideration. I have passed them on to my colleague leading this project in Anthony Nolan's Donor and Transplantation Department. Really…