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  • Hi Greg, just a quick sentence to say how amazing that message was and advice on how to try and stop your thoughts going down a certain path, and retraining, it makes total sense and I actually feel for once like that's the kind of support I need! I have rejected the idea of counselling I think I need more of the…
  • This is great to hear Vivienne and thank you for sharing . Xx
  • Good morning Greg, how are you doing? Thanks ever so much for reply. Helpful and kind as always. In my mind I have decided not to see my toddler too, same reasons as you mentioned. I think it may be easier and th risk of infection.... so high! I remember last winter she had some form of cold for 6 Months! Hopefully now she…
  • Hi Laura, Sorry to read your post- I don't have the experience or answers but just to say I will be going through the same as you soon (. December or Jan ). But for Hodgkin's. I have a 2.5 yr old and so would also like some support from others out there on this. I wish you well. I am waiting to be called for the…
  • Amazing news Joy wonderful X
  • Hello Annie Thank you every so much for your reply. All very complicated! I haven't heard about a matched donor since they tested my sister so I'm starting to worry there isn't one! I'm really superstitious and I kind of don't like to ring and invite the information..... I want to hear from them...does that make sense!?…
  • Hello Joy, I am pleased to read of your update and glad you are home after the ordeal. I am waiting in the wings to hear if there is a donor for me... My sis was a 50 % Haplo match and I am of the understanding that I need a better match than that. Anyway I just wanted to say glad to read your update. Take care. Clarey…
  • Clareyfarey I am desperately sorry I thought I had replied to your kind message. How are you as I imagine you have had your Allo now? I wish you well. I will also have mine in London... Kings? Due December now. The tandem is off the cards- just an Allo. Testing my sister right now to be a match? She is the female…
  • Hey Yes interesting topic. My libido went out the window as soon as I was diagnosed! It's not come back.
  • Did any of you manage to go away before transplant? I am desperate for a break somewhere warm would be nice but I don't want to be paranoid whilst away of becoming ill or similar as that wouldn't be very relaxing! X
  • I'm keeping them crossed for you Greg! I really am. I had hideous trouble with my 'insides' when I had 3 months of platinum chemo and I was admitted after every treatment, for 5 days at least. I felt so ill and nothing was right! if I have one more bad pet scan or bad news not sure I can take it! I have a third opinion…
  • Hello everyone Thank you again, so much for words of advice. I have n board and have changed hospitals! I am fairly lucky as the other option is only another 15 minutes added to the journey so not bad at all. The transplant will be a 50 mile journey however, in London but I needed to change my local hospital as it was…
  • Hi Steve and Hayley, firstly thank you very much for your replies it means s lot to me! Steve, Hayley has covered it very well in terms of the desired tandem ( as far as I am aware; it was a fairly brief idea thrown at me on Monday). Although I have been a patient at a private hospital on the south coast I have not had a…