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  • Really hope the treatment works for you Angela and you remain well. Your young and have another chance. Good luck to you and your family xx
    in WBC drop Comment by cynthia June 2015
  • Thank you Peter, I'll try to keep in touch but at the moment we're pretty devastated. Reading good news stories makes it even harder, even though we all know there are no guarantees with stem cell transplants.
    in WBC drop Comment by cynthia June 2015
  • So sorry to hear that Angela so long after transplant, you must be devastated. You don't say how old you are and whether you'll be able to go for second transplant? My husband has also relapsed recently only 4 months after transplant for aml, he's 62 and had reduced intensity chemo prior to transplant. He's having…
    in WBC drop Comment by cynthia June 2015
  • Consultant at clinic today confirmed very mild skin gvhd, which is what she was hoping for to facilitate graft v leukaemia effect, given steroid cream for affected areas, chest and back. Ciclosporin continues to be reduced. Having Reduced intensity conditioning has meant mixed chimerism between donor & host, which…
    in itchy skin Comment by cynthia May 2015
  • Thank you so much, it really helps to share in your insight and experience. This journey just overwhelms me sometimes, its the uncertainty of it all I'm struggling with I think.
  • I was wondering why my husband was refered to MRI and not the Christi for his stem cell transplant? Sept 2014,Started treatment, chemo, at Blackpool then sent to MRI for transplant. We live in Darwen midway between Manchester and Blackpool
  • All these posts are so very helpful for us, and its really good to hear about your journeys. Gives us courage and hope for the future. Found the journey so far quite scary and with no guarantees, can only take one day at a time for now, but looking back, you realise you're getting there slowly.
  • Think you EDawson & colinparker very interesting and help full advice, not sure how long he'll be on ciclosporin could be months yet! He had his transplant on 11 Feb. Yes it does seem a complete reversal of the healthy eating we usually follow, reducing calories no longer applies. He has lost about a stone and a half which…
  • Thank you so much, I can see already that this forum is going to be very helpful, I'm sure there will be many more questions to ask as we get through this scary journey. It is early days for David but thank fully so far so good. He did have a bad start early in his first chemo cycle with pneumonia and sepsis which put him…
  • Thank you both for your reassurance and help, my husband isn't one for forums or asking for help, he's doing OK really but food is a huge issue right now, also he has to drink more and is struggling with that too. So any ideas or suggestions are appreciated.
  • From reading these posts I'm thinking that the donor cells have a lasting impact on taste changes that occur?......this is very strange!!....is it likely to be more than coincidence?
  • Hi, can you tell me if the taste changes that occur after stem cell transplant are permanent? Is it different from the taste changes that occur after chemo, that soon improves ? My husband has had HSCT 11Feb 2015 and is really struggling with taste and texture issues.