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Hello everyone,
Some of you may have received a text message from NHS Coronavirus Service about ‘shielding’ (staying home for 12 weeks). NHS England wants to ensure no-one at high risk of coronavirus misses its vital health advice. As a result, some patients who are not at high risk have also received that text message. Follow the advice of your own transplant team and check our full up-to-date coronavirus guidance here: www.anthonynolan.org/coronavirus.

World Nurses Day

Hello everyone,

Today is World Nurses Day - an opportunity to celebrate the dedication, support and care that makes such a difference in the lives of patients and their families during hospital stays and beyond.

Susan Paskar is one of our Anthony Nolan transplant nurses - she chatted to me a bit about her day and what working with patients means to her.

I wanted to share it with you - enjoy.




  • I saw this on Facebook and shared it to my friends.

    Nurses are some of the unsung heroes. They put up with so much and see us at our lowest ebb during treatment, but still manage to try to keep our spirits up, no matter how hard their day has been.

    The nurses who looked after me were fantastic, and very professional at all times.

    I hear a lot of bad things said about the parts of the health service, but after my own experience I've often wondered whether cancer specialities attract a different type of person to be a nurse as I cannot fault any of them.


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