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Physical activity after transplant


I recently saw Anthony Nolan's YouTube video on 'Physical Activity After Transplant'. It is very helpful and informative. It also provides alot of reassurance for those experiencing challenges.

All the best,


Online Community Champion



  • Some really useful information in there, well done Chiara.


  • Hi everyone, sorry for replying late. I've been really busy with other things and kept on meaning to watch the video.

    I 100% agree with the vicious cycle of breathlessness. My second relapse happened a month after finishing my 2 year low lose chemo called vinblastine. So my body did not really get the chance to recover at all before having a stem cell transplant. It is only now, 3 and a half years down the line, I am doing something about it as life just swept me from under my feet and I didn't really have any free time due to catching up on school work.

    This video is great and sums everything up very nicely.


  • Hello Cameron good to hear from you.

    I hear you when you mention "boby not getting time to recover before transplant"

    It is a tough thing that loss of stamina, strength, endurance and so on.

    When explained the way Chiara has it makes it easier to understand (for those just starting their journey) what to expect and how to take it a step at a time.

    Im 20 months post which feels in some ways a long time ago but in some ways still very premature. Given that Im finding a balance.

    Chiara's knowledge has helped some what

    All the best,


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