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Finger nails


I found that since my transplant my nails on the nail bed have split like a single layer not the nail part. It seems the new cells are growing and I’m growing out my original nails. Anyone else experience this? Thanks


  • Hi Laulau,

    I remember having problems with my nails. They ended up a real mess and it was as if new nails were growing over the old at one time. They became wrinkled and crumbly and I thought at one point I was going to lose them completely as they seemed to be becoming detached from the nail bed.

    My understanding is that the way chemotherapy works is that it affects fast growing cells, which cancer cells are. Because our hair and nails are also fast growing cells these are also affected, so we lose our hair and the growth of our nails is also affected.

    You'll be pleaesd to hear that as time went on and the effects of the chemotherapy wore off my nail growth returned to normal and their appearance improved so yours should too.

    I hope everything else if progressing well with your recovery.

    All the best,


  • Hi Laulau,

    I didn’t have this problem during transplant but I did during treatment before my first relapse.

    I had new nails growing under my old ones. My old nails used to slowly move away from the nail bed towards the tip before they eventually fell off. This left a new nail underneath. It only happened on certain finger nails and both big toes.

    At the time, the doctors were confused about what was happening so they took photos incase it happened to anyone else.

    Between relapses and different treatment plans, it only happened once and never again which I found interesting as well.

    Hoped this helped.


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