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Eye care

Hello all

How are you?

I recently entered 2 years post transplant and from day 1 post SCT i had difficulties with my eyes but had been told visually there was nothing to be concerned about. I recently discovered that i have a late long term effect from all the treatment where my eyes are dry and gritty due to the glands no longer functioning properly.

I wondered if others have experienced this and how do you care for your eyes post SCT?

I now use drops a few times a day and apply a warm eye compress and wear glasses. I was surprised to find out this problem is not uncommon. I had never been informed about eye care until now.

I also have difficulties in the cold weather with blurred vission which I'm told is all apart of the late effects.

Best wishes,



  • Hi Michelle,

    Im doing well, hope you are too.

    I did, at times, have dry and gritty eyes but nothing major to shout about.

    However, due to having loads of chemo and treatments, I developed cataracts which are cloudy patches on the lens of your eye which stops light getting in making your vision hazy almost. I have glasses for long distance viewing when i was in school but since leaving I have not really worn them.

    I know there are operations to remove cataracts if they are really severe but I never opted for any of them since they dont hinder my sight drastically.

    Hope you are well


  • Hi Cameron

    I'm well thankyou.

    Pleased the cataracts don't inhibit your sight too badly. I had mild GVHD of the eyes from Day 1 of my SCT however after a few months it resolved.

    I was aware cataracts can occur after all the treatments but i think amongst all the complications or long term side effects mentioned it wasn't one I thought about until now.

    I have a management plan now which is working. The drops are replacing my lack of tear production.

    I was made aware of having an additional eye check up post all the treatment which I'm thankful I did now.

    Hope your weekend is going well.

    All the best


  • Hi Michelle

    Thats great to hear you have everything sorted now.

    I think the cataracts are a side affect of just having loads to treatment. They were actually picked up before my transplant and were monitored throughout the whole process as well.

    I was discharged by the "eye people" at the hospital and my cataracts are checked every time i have an eye test at Boots. They have the power to refer myself back to the hospital if they feel they are getting worse which hopefully is not the case any time soon!!



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