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Vaccination covid



  • Hi guys to update I had my second COVID Astra Zeneca. I felt flu for 2 days by third day I could go out for a small walk. Definetly I felt better this time, last time it went on for a week. Has anyone had a test for their antibodies second time round?

  • Hi Laulau1

    Glad you didn't feel so rough the second time. I had my second pfizer 3 weeks qgo and was fine. I haven't done antibody test, i know a few people have been.

    I do however do lateral flows 2 times a week as I am almost back to normal in regards to going out. Normal for me is attending face to face appointments.


  • Morning all,

    It's good to hear that many of us are getting or have had our second vaccines. It seems tat there are still side effects with some people but they are generally short lived. I had a very mild headache in the afternoon follwing my early morning vaccination but nothing after that.

    I feel a sense of relief at hopefuly having some protection though I remain cautious as ever. I've returned to work following the end of shielding but am working on a site where I am able to limit my exposure to only a small number of people.

    It's good to see the infection rates dropping in the UK and importantly the number of daily deaths has dropped. Fingers crossed we are on top of this now. My only concern is the fact that other parts of the world are lagging behind the UK in terms of vaccination programme and infection rates and whether that poses a residual risk to the UK.

    In the meantime I hope all of you are feeling well and healthy and are coping well under the circumstances. Remember that me and the other community champions and the Anthony Nolan team are always here to help ease your concerns if we can.

    All the best,


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