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Skin white patches

Hi has anyone experienced skin discoloration after transplant? Any white patches not scaly or itchy.



  • edited February 2021

    Hi Laulau, it's not something I've experienced. What size are the patches and are they confirned to a particular area of the skin or all over?


  • Hi I spoke to my consultant today and she wasn't worried said it's gvhd. It was one area very small

  • Hello Laulau1

    Like Steve I haven't experienced discoloration of the skin. I do experience patches that are considered GVHD.

    What I have experienced in relation to skin changes is that if I bump myself and the skin brakes it doesn't heal as well. I am left with obvious scaring even if it is a small break to the skin like a graze.

    Glad you spoke with your consultant and that she was not concerned that is reassuring.

    Hope your all keeping well


  • Hi Laulau, glad you managed to get confirmation from your consultant.

    It shows how important it is to keep an eye on your body and raise any concerns with your medical team. Most times it's probably nothing drastic, but it's important that they know so that if treatment is necessary they can react early.

    Do you have any other signs of GvHD on your skin? I had skin GvHD and it became quite severe but it was eventually treated and is no longer a problem.

    All the best,


  • No not really I had a bit early on mild skin gvhd and used steroid cream and got it sorted quickly. My skin can get quite dry and flaky if I don't moisturise.

    Thanks guys

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