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Covid antibodies

Hi guys

Hope your doing okay. I’ve had both of my covid vaccinations 9 months after transplant and I have just received results I tested negative for antibodies. I understand this means it is very unlikely I have had covid before. I should mention I’m on low level 1500 immunosuppressants which my consultant said may affect the result I’m being weaned off these slowly. Now I’m left wondering especially as I have uk break coming up first for over 2 years in few weeks time do I have any immunity to covid. Have the vaccinations given me any protection. Your thoughts please

Many thanks



  • Hi Laura,

    Hope you’re doing well. Thanks for updating us after your 2 x vaccine doses.

    The level of antibodies we have following vaccination can indicate the level of protection we have against Covid.

    But if no antibody response is detected, don’t panic - other cells may be giving you protection from Covid.

    This is because we each have three types of immune response:

    • innate (skin barriers, mucus etc)
    • adaptive (when our immune system responds in a specific way – which includes T cells, and B cells, which produce antibodies)
    • passive (when immunity is borrowed, such as the protective antibodies in a mother’s breast milk).

    So your body may be protecting you from Covid in other ways. Research is currently taking place to better understand this - we’ll share the results of that research as soon as they are published.

    It’s also worth noting that we do not yet know what level of antibodies would give us effective protection from Covid. Research is also taking place into that.

    In the meantime, I’d strongly recommend discussing this with your healthcare team. I’d suggest asking them what level of protection they feel you currently have against Covid, and the steps you can take to protect yourself during your trip.

    If you’re considering taking further antibody tests in future, you may also find this information useful from Blood Cancer UK. They explain the different types of antibody tests available and have advice around whether they may be useful: https://bloodcancer.org.uk/news/covid-vaccine-should-people-with-blood-cancer-get-an-antibody-test/

    I hope this is helpful Laura. As always, we’re also keen to hear the experiences of other patients on this topic.

    And feel free to call our helpline on 0303 303 0303 or email us (patientinfo@anthonynolan.org) if we can help any further.

    All the best,


  • Thanks Tom

    I spoke to my specialist nurse and she said I would not have protection at this moment but sometimes cells are slow. I'm hoping after I'm off immunosuppressants I will have some protection. We are fortunate we're in our own separate cottage and looking at meal ideas like taking some food with us and maybe order food shop there. I don't feel comfortable in restaurants think we're prepare our own when we can. Il take a lot of masks etc and only go outside in quiet.places.

    If there are others in this situation be great to hear from you. I feel quite isolated.fortunately there's couple of quiet places where I can walk locally.

  • Hi Laura,

    Thank you for the update. I’m glad you’ve been able to discuss this with your specialist nurse.

    I hope you have a fantastic break. It’s clear you’re aware how to minimise the risk of contracting Covid and, as you say, the risk is much lower outdoors than indoors. Have a lovely time.

    As I say, there’s a great deal of research going on into how effective the Covid vaccines are for people with a compromised immune system.

    There is also hope that antibody treatments may be able to reduce the risk of Covid among patients who the vaccines do not work for.

    As soon as any findings are published from this research, we’ll share them on our Covid page: www.anthonynolan.org/covid

    All the best,


  • Hi Laura,

    Sounds like you are doing you very best to ensure you are safe.

    I haven't done any anti-body tests but still doing the very minimum, like you have mentioned, quiet places, masks, hand gel and so on.

    I did form a support bubble with a friend, whicb is a house of 3 and we agreed to each do lateral flow tests the day before i go to see them.

    I hope your break is good and enjoyable.


  • That's great Michelle and lateral flow tests help me so I hope it does you. Thank you I'm looking forward but bit nervous too enjoy the sunshine ?

  • Hi all.
    Hope we are doing well.
    How are we feeling about the relaxation on the 19th july?
    Some of us maybe feeling apprehensive about these final steps, especially if you are on treatment. I will be continuing to social distance and wear masks.

    I have the extra reasurance that my antibodies for Covid are >2500 and i do 2 lateral flows a week.

    Best wishes,

  • Hi Michelle

    That's really great to hear about your antibodies I'm so pleased for you. You had Pfizer vaccination? Nhs are wonderful and we are so lucky to have them.

    To everyone

    I've now had 2 tests for antibodies both negative almost a year from transplant and on 3 250 immunsuppressants just down to 2.

    Has anyone noticed if being on immune suppressants makes a difference to covid antibodies?

    Can anyone suggest a different covid test which they had any success with apart from testing b cells be so grateful.

    My consultant wants to put forward a case for my septemberish booster to be a different vaccine maybe Pfizer or moderna to see if this makes a difference. Will continue to test each month I go in.

    I'm feeling very nervous and isolated still even though.im trying to do as much as I can feeling safe so I am challenging myself a bit obviously keeping safe. Obviously everyone wants to get back to formal 'normal' as such and I get this but then I guess vulnerable people such as myself and many others feel very isolated and bit like that person not following rules might or will give me covid and without mask rule for public and indoor places it's a free for all.

    I don't think the government are thinking about about a large number of people in society who need the safety procedures such as social distancing mask wearing in place to live their lives.

    I really don't agree with whole removal of masks inside and in crowded places if that's what happens especially if numbers continue to rise so much. Going to outside restaurant first time the other week for birthday sitting in open tepee tent in very quiet day while the staff wore masks was nice felt safer closest we got to going out for a meal.

    Take masks away and it's back to having all food at home or in garden which I am so grateful for having. We had few small gatherings of six of us social distanced under gazebo in garden in the rain just to see each other for birthday.
    I could only visit for couple of hours as other family were coming later understandably. I didn't feel comfortable around the number even though it was within the rules.

    Despite us both having 2 vaccinations my husband and I will continue to social distance at least 2m probably more when out for a walk. Continue to wear masks take around hand sanitiser gloves for getting petrol etc. I hope they don't take masks completely away in indoor places as will have to avoid completely then. Not that I've been to any apart from go through on very odd occasion to garden centre.

    Continue with I'm shielding message at our front door and when visit close family remain in garden or have every available door window fully open sit next to door even when.pouring of rain sound familiar to anyone.


  • Hi Lau lau

    Thank you. I was shocked to be honest.

    Yes i had pfizer. The report didn't go in to too much detail. It did tell me that i have IgG antibodies to the spike protein SARS-Cov-2. The test detects antibodies generated from exposure to the virus and the vaccine.

    I empathise with what your saying regarding doing more things at home again when the mask rule changes. I have only been interacting with my Nan face to face and when im there i open her windows and back door, even if its raining, then she tells me off because she is cold. Sadly she doesnt always understand why i do it. So i wrap her up in blankets haha.

    I think the summer holidays is going to be the biggest variable in how the vulnerable move forward, with more families at home and wanting to go out and do stuff, volume of people is bound to rise. Out of all the months dealing with restrictions this last step certainly feels like the most uncertain. We can only but do our best to protect ourselves and our families, if it means we continue to shield or restrict the things we do, we need to remind our selves not to feel pressured to comply with the majority, continue to practice saying no in situations we don't feel comfortable.

    In some ways going to some environments will help us establish when it is quieter to attend and help us develop ways to integrate ourselves in to 'normal' life in a way that is suitable for each of us.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Michelle glad your okay. Can you tell me the name of the test please so I can see if my hospital will do this


    Laura x

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