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  • Thankyou to every one that has commented on this post your words mean so so much Stephen and I new the risks but as someone said we had to try it was his only chance I just wish he was still here he was so positive and a lovely lovely bloke heart of gold alas it was not ment to be but I will not go under with greif I owe…
  • Thank you both to Helen and Steve your comments and condolences are truly appreciated thankyou Pauline
  • Thanks Steve for your reply unfortunately we've just had the news they have posponed for the second time with donor related issues once again we are just feeling so let down for this to happen twice I no these things happen but it doesn't make it any easier just feel his chances may be getting slimmer if he doesn't get…
  • Thank you Steve for taking the time to answer as it stands at this time is the transplant is posponed due to donor related medical issues but hopefully with time he will be back on track he's already been in hospital since end of Feb and not been home since as all his bloods platelets white cells are not improving so he's…
  • Thank you Michelle I'm thinking if that's the same then that'll be great I suppose when he gets the go ahead I will ring the ward.Thankyou for your time regards Pauline
  • OK thank you jennie I'm so sorry your in the same boat I can only imagine how your feeling and I pray you are back in for your treatment soon it is very unsettling isn't it but hopefully it will be worth it ❤️