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  • Thank you for your honest comments, I feel more prepared now, now on day 1 so we are just going take one day at a time Thanks lindsay
  • Hi Neil, My name is Lindsay and my husband has MDS and starting his conditioning treatment on the 14th September and his stem transplant the week after. I would really appreciate to check in with you at various times through this to get some advice I hope this is Ok Lindsay
  • Jane oxford, could you message me again, lost my e-mails again! Just wanted to know how your both going on Love lindsaylou
  • Janeoxford Can you please message me, I have lost your e mail address thanks
  • Hi, thanks for your comments everyone. My husband isn't having any kind of treatment at the moment as a bone marrow transplant is the only option. We are at the hospital tomorrow so will discuss options about the holiday, think Scotland may be a bit ambitious as he is poorly but maybe if they gave him a transfusion, he may…
  • Hi shell, I'm in the actually same position as you as my husband is due a bone marrow transplant soon. It's really frightening to feel your loved one has to have a transplant, but my advice is you need support yourself, try ringing the support groups as you need to look after yourself too, it looks like we are going to go…
  • Thanks Greg x
    in Waiting Comment by Lindsaylou March 2018
  • Hi everyone, thank you for your so kind words and understanding, ive set up a private group on messagner on Facebook and it's really really helped, even managed half an hour at the gym today which helped a lot. You know, you are all great for helping me when you have all been through this before, I really, hand on my heart…
    in Hectic Comment by Lindsaylou March 2018
  • Thanks nick, it gives me something to do and reminds me of happier times
  • Hi George, I've just joined here as my husband has just been diagnosed with MDS and he is just waiting for a bone marrow transplant. I'm not going through it personally like my husband is but can emphasise as a loved one. I can understand how scared you are, me too, and I suppose you think why me when you were just having…
  • Thank you Steve, that's very kind of you, glad I can have a project on the go now to keep me busy